You have seen it a hundred times, the person driving the car next to you looking down at their phone texting a meaningless message to a friend. The car in front of them immediately slams on their brakes, and the next thing you know you are being greeted by two uniformed police officers telling you your loved one has been killed. Was that text message worth it? Was that phone call worth the life lost or debilitated? Now what If I told you there is an aid to divert this tragedy? Life before Text can assist in keeping your love one safe.

Here are some frightening statistics about texting and/or talking while driving:

-25% of accidents are related to cellphone usage

– Almost 50% of drivers ages 18-24 ADMIT texting and/or talking while driving

– A young driver who is texting while driving has a reaction rate the same as a 70 year old

– Driving while texting is about 6 times more likely to result in an accident, than DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED!

Life before Text is an application that will aid in blocking incoming and out going phone calls and text messages while driving a car. The aspiration of this tool is to keep all drivers out of harms way. No one should be texting or calling while driving unless it is an emergency. In this situation, Life before Text will allow a 9-1-1 emergency call in the event it is necessary. Any incoming texts and phone calls will show as a notification, the driver can then pull over, park and check and/or return the call or message.

As parents of triplets, We have thought long and hard on how to keep them safe once they receive their drivers license. We have come up with this application in hopes to keep your friends and family safe in the daily routine of driving.