Download from Google play on the phone you want to load it too

How the app works:

         a. Once the app is downloaded the user registration page appears. User name is entered along with a primary email address. The primary email address receives notification if any settings are changed, IE speed and over ride time. If over ride is selected the primary email address is notified.

The secondary email address only receives notification if the app is deleted, which is the only way to stop the app from running. Once the app is loaded it always is running, reboot phone the app restarts, the only way to stop is to delete it, which sends notification to secondary email address. The theory behind this was to allow an insurance agent to be notified if the app is deleted.

b. Once loaded and the registration page has been filled out the “home” screen is displayed. This is where the loader of the app (parent) can select the speed they want the app to activate and the amount of time the over ride feature is active.